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Can a Watermelon Explode in Heat?

Can a Watermelon Explode From Heat? Spoiler Alert: Yes, Technically

You know how the saying goes, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen"? Well, watermelons should take the hint. Essentially, the refreshingly juicy pink fruit we crave in the summertime can explode from too much heat (yup, a summer fruit that can't take the heat — ironic, we know), and if this has happened to you, well, you've probably had a horror-movie-level scare followed by cleaning up what looks like a crime scene of watermelon juice off your walls. The cause of watermelon randomly exploding can be due to multiple reasons, but it's important to point out that heat isn't the only culprit, since bacteria and a faulty genetic code can also be to blame.

Why Do Watermelons Explode?

Aside from heat (we'll get to that in a minute), watermelons can explode from an explosive gene that is found in many heirloom fruit varieties. That means something as little as bumping into it on the counter or cutting it with a knife can cause this particular type of watermelon to explode like a volcano. Another reason for watermelon explosions is they're rotten. As soon as a plant is removed from its host plant, it begins the process of rot, and heat can contribute to this — speeding up the duration of rot and forcing a watermelon to crack or explode.

So the next time you buy a watermelon, make sure to keep it cool on the car ride home and store it away in your refrigerator . . . because no one needs an exploding watermelon on their hands!

Image Source: Getty / Ray Massey