Can You Freeze Leftover Pie? Yes, but It Depends on the Flavour

From pumpkin to pecan to cherry to apple, Thanksgiving really isn't complete without pie. While it's best to enjoy a slice (or three) after dinner, you might have some left over. So, can you freeze pie to enjoy later? Well, the answer is yes and no, depending on what kind of pie it is. There are a few times when you can freeze the beloved dessert for later and others when you definitely should send containers home with guests to enjoy ASAP.

1. Eat the Dairy Pies Right Away

If your pie has a custard, cream, or mousse filling, eat it as soon as you can. Cream-based pies tend to separate with time and don't hold up well in the freezer. If you have to prioritise eating something first, go for the dairy!

2. Pecan, Pumpkin, and Most Pies with Eggs will Last a Little While

These pie flavours can be frozen for about a month (or two if you really want to stretch it). However, if you freeze these for more than a month, the textures won't quite be the same (thawed out pumpkin pie might have the consistency of cereal left in milk for too long). It's the egg and moisture, so it's best to freeze these for just a few weeks if you must.

3. Fruit Pies are Practically Invincible

You can buy frozen fruit in bulk all year-round, and it's because fruit freezes so well that makes these pies the most durable. Strawberry, apple, blueberry, or really whatever fruit you can think of does well when frozen. These pies can last in the freezer for four months and after thawed out, can have a nearly perfect taste with 30 minutes in the oven!