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Coca-Cola's Simply Rainbow Drink Is Back at Disney Springs

A Rainbow Cocktail Is Available Now at Disney Springs For Pride, and It's a Delight to Look At

JIC you've been looking for a colourful drink to sip on (and take lots of pictures of) for Pride, we've found the perfect one. The Simply Rainbow drink is available now at Disney Springs, and it's a sweet and boozy delight. The cocktail, which you can pick up at the Coca-Cola rooftop bar for $16, features red, yellow, and blue colours and contains simply orange, Tito's vodka, blue curaçao, and grenadine. It's quite possibly one of the prettiest drinks we've seen at Walt Disney World to date, and it's only available to sip on for the month of June — so hurry and get one while supplies last! Just be aware, as pretty as it is when you first snag it from the bartender, it definitely could use some mixing before you drink it (trust us, you don't want to taste straight grenadine and Tito's upon the first sip). Find pictures of this beautiful cocktail ahead — it's the best refreshment for summer!