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Malai Kalamata Kitchen’s Adventure Ice Cream Pack Review

Sweet, Tangy, and Fruity: I Tried Kalamata Kitchen’s Adventure Ice Cream Pack, and Now I Want More

Malai Kalamata Kitchen’s Adventure Ice Cream Pack Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anvita Reddy

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Ice cream is by far my all-time favourite dessert. It's creamy yet perfectly refreshing. Every bite of that sweet treat is like a cosy hug that comforts me through all my binge-watching adventures. Ice cream is one of the most versatile desserts with a vast selection of flavours — it's honestly the best. If you're in the mood for something simple like chocolate or vanilla or want to be adventurous and try something new, there's always an ice cream flavour made for you. As an Indian-American, I was ecstatic to discover Brooklyn-based artisanal ice cream shop Malai on Goldbelly. Founder Pooja Bavishi took inspiration from her childhood and traditional Indian recipes to create one-of-a-kind, incredibly decadent Indian-inspired flavours. I never thought the complexity of Indian spices and flavours would work with ice cream, but Malai knocks it out of the park.

Malai teamed up with Kalamata's Kitchen, a platform that teaches kids about diversity and culture through food, to create the ultimate ice cream pack that takes your taste buds on an adventure to flavour town. The Kalamata Kitchen's Adventure Ice Cream Pack takes inspiration from Kalamata's Kitchen co-founder Sarah Thomas's childhood incorporating South Indian-based flavours and recipes. It includes four lovely flavours: Mango and Cream, Sweet Milk, Hibiscus Chaat Masala Sorbet, and Carrot Halwa.

I got to try out three different flavours from the Kalamata Kitchen's Adventure Ice Cream Pack, and I fell in love. The dairy-based pints were perfectly rich and creamy without feeling too heavy. The vegan sorbet is flavourful and so refreshing. The flavours might be unique to the average ice cream connoisseur. However, as a South Indian, it instantly transported me to the subcontinent — my home away from home. With each bite, all I could think about were two things: my foodie adventures in India and spending time with family and friends, and "damn, this is so freaking good." Each flavour is distinct from the other yet familiar. The flavours complement each other while targeting different tastes and palates. Whether you want something fruity and tangy, sweet and creamy, or a combination of it all, the Kalamata Kitchen's Adventure Ice Cream Pack has it all. Keep reading for my in-depth review on the flavours I got to try.