This Movie Theatre Popcorn Hack Makes Sure Every Layer Is Warm and Buttery

One of the best parts about going to the movies is the food. While we love a good bag of Red Vines or box of Snow-Caps, we really come for the popcorn. But while those first few bites are salty heaven, the butter never makes it very far down and you're forced to leave the movie a few times to reapply. Thankfully, as with most things, there's a hack for that.

TikTok user Layla Bron (@laylabron_) shared the simple yet mind-blowing trick to making sure your popcorn is evenly covered in butter every time: simply stick a straw into the bag or tub and pour butter into it so it comes out at the bottom. You can do this a few times at different levels of your popcorn to make sure you get it all. We're sure this hack has been around for a long time, but we're just thankful we've seen it at all. Now, to the movies!