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This TikTok Spoon Hack Makes Perfect Runny Egg Sandwiches

This Cheesy "Egg-velope" Breakfast Hack on TikTok Is Like an Omelette Inside a Sandwich


YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS 😩🔥 #foodies (via @thejoshelkin )

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The breakfast gods have spoken, and this spoon hack on TikTok is my new go-to trick for making a perfect runny egg sandwich every time. Shared by @Foodies, the cheesy egg sandwich hack was inspired by @SunnyCusine's "egg-velope" folding tip, which involves separating the whites and yolks of the eggs before they hit the frying pan, and it's so easy. "Spray a slotted spoon and a frying pan with some cooking spray," the Foodies voiceover explains. "With the pan on medium heat, add a couple eggs into the spoon. The slots in the spoon will separate the whites from the yolks. Then add the yolks to the centre."

Once the egg yolks are placed directly in the centre of the egg whites, you can use the entire surface of the pan as an "envelope" to hold all of your favourite fillings. Foodies keeps it classic by adding black pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, and bacon bits on top of the unpopped egg yolks before folding the whites over to create a pocket that seals in all the fillings. After the "egg-velope" is sealed, they give it a flip to sear the other side and slide it between two slices of toast. When they slice into it, the egg yolk is still runny without making a total mess, so, yes, we'll be trying this hack ASAP. Watch the full video here to see how to recreate the egg sandwich at home, and check out this easy breakfast quesadilla recipe to create a brunchtime feast.


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