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Trader Joe's Is Selling a New Spicy Honey Sauce

In Food News You Didn't Know You Needed, Trader Joe's Is Now Selling a Spicy Honey Sauce

It's getting hot in here, because Trader Joe's just debuted a brand-new item, and it has the perfect amount of sweet heat. The new Organic Spicy Honey Sauce is already flying off shelves as customers are preparing to put it on just about everything they can. The sauce is only $3 a bottle, and features that sweet and smooth honey taste with a thin consistency. It packs a good amount of heat, but is not too hot, meaning it's the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Foodies on Instagram have already been planning what to put this new sauce on, and the ideas range from homemade breakfast sandwiches to crispy fried chicken and pretty much everything in between! Others suggested using the honey as a dipping sauce or even making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a kick.

The next time you head to TJ's, we suggest putting this sauce on the top of your "Must Get" list if you're ready to wake up your taste bud. This sauce won't disappoint! Pro tip: keep a bottle of this handy the next time you're noshing on pizza, and well, you can thank us later. Enjoy!