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Trader Joe's Is Now Selling a New Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

Hi, Yes, Trader Joe's Now Has Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, and We Want It on Everything

OK, remember when we all thought Trader Joe's Cacio e Pepe Pasta Sauce was exciting? Yeah, well that was so three months ago. The affordable grocer just dropped a brand-new seasonally themed item, and it's enough to take your pasta to the next level. Introducing the Trader Joe's Pumpkin (!) Alfredo Sauce. Proving that you really can have the best of both worlds (hello, pumpkin, how are you, alfredo?), this creamy pasta perfector is said to have a thicker consistency than the traditional alfredo sauce, but luckily it doesn't have an overwhelming pumpkin flavour. According to reviewers on social media, it almost tastes like a light tomato alfredo sauce, which is nice when you're cooking for someone who doesn't want an overload of pumpkin (which to that we say, "c'mon, it's fall!"). A TJ's fan noted that "you can taste the cheese blend which mixes nicely with the 'tomato' flavour and as always the hint of black pepper is delish."

For only $3, you can snag this new Trader Joe's product on shelves now, meaning the autumnal dinner of your dreams is just one grocery-store run away. Pair it with TJ's beloved butternut squash ravioli or try it out with a traditional pasta, and enjoy the finest flavours of the season. All you need is a crisp fall night, a glass of red wine, and this mouthwatering sauce to make any meal this season complete. Looking for more? Check out all of Trader Joe's best pumpkin-flavoured offerings here.