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Veganuary 2021 Explainer | How to Go Vegan This January

Give Veganuary 2021 Your Best Shot With Tips on Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

Veganuary 2021 Explainer | How to Go Vegan This January
Image Source: Pexels / Vegan Liftz

Considering going vegan? There's no better time to try the plant-based approach to eating than the start of a new year. That's not just because it makes an appropriate New Year's resolution, but also because of Veganuary — the trend of going vegan for January initiated by a non-profit organisation of the same name. But what exactly is it, and how can you have the best chance of succeeding at making the transition?

Ahead, discover what Veganuary is and our top tips on joining in on the initiative in 2021, as well as some basic information on what you can and can't eat on a vegan diet, how to get your daily nutrients, and how to avoid common pitfalls. We've also rounded up some delicious vegan recipes to show you how to convert your favourites into vegan versions — from bolognese, chili, and curry to tacos, stew, risotto, and ramen. There's also a comprehensive list of UK chain restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and pubs where you'll find vegan offerings aplenty.