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The Edward Drink at Starbucks Is Going Viral, and Here's Why

If You're Wondering What the "Edward Drink" at Starbucks Is, Let Us Explain

If you thought the person in front of you at Starbucks asked for an intricate latte, just wait until you hear what a frap-lover named Edward ordered. The now-viral drink request took the internet by storm after a former employee shared an image on social media of the 13-ingredient Frappuccino order he took. Starbucks fans all over were stunned by the $14 drink, and were even more interested to learn that this new "secret drink" can actually be created behind the counter! The drizzled, whipped up, iced, crunched Venti Caramel Crunch Frappe with five bananas, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, and one pump honey blend is not for the faint of heart, as it's both very sweet and pretty caffeinated.

Unfortunately, the employee that posted the drink order was fired from Starbucks for reportedly violating their social media policy, but there's no bad blood! Edward reached out the employee on social media to make sure his order wasn't behind his firing, and the two actually bonded over the viral drink and shared a few laughs about the whole ordeal.

The next time you're heading to Starbucks, just make sure thank your barista for the hard work they put into making your drink, as not everyone's order is a tall black coffee. Until the next viral order takes over the internet, we'll cheers to creativity and caffeine!

Image Source: Unsplash / S.Ratanak