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Alternative Christmas Table Decor

21 Christmas Tables That Prove There's More to Life Than Red, Green, and Gold

If you're playing host this Christmas, the chances are your mind has already wandered towards thoughts of how to decorate the house, from trimming the tree right down to laying the table. When it comes to dinner, once you've established that you do indeed have six sets of matching knives and forks and enough plates to go round, it's time to let your imagination go wild. There's no such thing as over the top when it comes to your festive tablescape. Candles, baubles, and Christmas crackers all take pride of place alongside that perfectly carved turkey, and you can't really go far wrong with the traditional festive colours of red, green, and gold. But what if you're bored of the same old, same old or looking for something a little less old-fashioned? These more unusual takes on the Christmas table will inspire you to try something a little more unexpected. From glittering silver settings to bold jewel hues, maybe this year is the time to try something new.

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