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How to Feel Less Anxious at Home

4 Reasons Your Home Is Giving You Anxiety — and How to Fix Them

Problem: Designing For the Fantasy Version of You

When wanting to design a welcoming family home, we often look for outside inspiration: magazines, Pinterest, and social media. But interior designer Jessica McClendon, founder of Glamour Nest, does things differently. She looks deep inside her clients, putting their emotional needs first and foremost in every design she does.

Jessica explained, "The truth is, we don't just decorate to have a beautiful home. While it's a nice side effect, the need comes from a much deeper desire to share life and ourselves with the people we love. That's why if you attempt to follow the latest decorating trends simply because it's what everyone else is doing, you won't truly be happy with the result. Will it look pretty? Totally. But if your emotional needs are not being met, it won't feel like a home."

If Jessica's words are setting off alarms in your head as to why your home just doesn't put you at ease despite all the beautiful decor you've filled it with, read on. Ahead, Jessica explains common reasons your home may be giving you anxiety and how to fix them.

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