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Mosaic of Empty Nail Polish Bottles

You Won't Believe What This Breathtaking Mosaic Is Made Of

Nail polish, like many cosmetics, is packaged into notoriously difficult to recycle material. Wanting to put her empty nail polish bottles to good use rather than in the bin, eco-conscious artist Agne Kisonaite turned them into a breathtaking mosaic entitled "Glass Blowing."

"While painting my nails, I'd always look at these bottles of nail polish, thinking: how playfully colours make their way through the thick glass!" Agne wrote on her website. "Once it hit me that all used bottles of nail polish could be glued together."

She started by painting what she wanted the mosaic to look like, then she collected and cleaned 5000 nail polish bottles. Ever resourceful, she used the paint inside the bottles to create a second piece of art, which you can check out below. Then, she sorted the bottles by colour and placed them atop the painting before gluing them in place.

In the end, she used 1969 bottles to bring her painting to life. "Makeup goods are often non-recyclable. This is why "Glass Blowing" project seemed meaningful to me – these 1969 nail polish bottles didn't end up as a waste: now they grace our home with their lively presence." Check out the gorgeous project below, and consider saving up your nail polish bottles for your own DIY mosaic!

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