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Why Everyone Really Should Embrace the "No Shoes in the House" Rule

It's been a long day at work. You're unlocking the front door with one hand and juggling a week's worth of groceries in the other. The last thing you think of doing upon entry is setting your bags down to take off your shoes, right? Here are five solid reasons why you should.

1. Piggybacking Bacteria

Pavements, public restroom floors, and even office carpets are the Wild West when it comes to pesky bacteria. A study from the University of Arizona collected germs and microbes on footwear, and the researchers found 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoe.

2. Damaged Floors

The saying "a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone" doesn't apply to your wooden floors. The more grit you track in, the more often you have to clean. The extra scrubbing can actually damage your floors over time.


3. Marks and Scratches

It's not just the dirt that your floors don't dig — it's your heels and wedges, too. Wearing shoes with pointy or hard parts will add dings and scratches to your floors. Plus, if you live in an apartment building, removing your noisy shoes is the polite thing to do. Just ask your downstairs neighbours.

4. Barefoot Is Better For Your Feet

Sure your flats are pretty, but going barefoot actually strengthens the muscles in your feet. Our modern society has grown accustomed to wearing shoes all the waking hours, and foot injuries pop up more frequently as a result.

5. Worsened Air Quality

It seems like a stretch, but the dust and toxins you track into your house can worsen the air quality in your home. Toxins exist where you least expect them — as pesticides on park grass or as cleaning chemicals on public floors. Kicking off your shoes immediately means those harmful toxins don't stand a chance.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Rima Brindamour
Product Credit: Aquatalia shoes
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