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Tips For Being a Good Apartment Neighbour

9 Tips For Being a Good Dorm or Apartment Neighbour

Tips For Being a Good Apartment Neighbour
Image Source: Getty / James Woodson

When you're living in a dorm or an apartment, you essentially share space with the rest of your floor, which means there are different rules you have to live by. You don't have the luxury of having your own four walls, yard, or distance between you and another home, so whether you like it or not, it's important to be considerate of the ways that your lifestyle might affect your neighbours. You want to be friendly, approachable, and thoughtful — just like how you would want your neighbours to be.

As someone who has lived in my fair share of cramped college dorms and tiny city apartments, I've learned a thing or two about being a good neighbour. I've also learned — via bad behaviour on the part of my own neighbours — what simply makes life miserable for other people in your building. And if you're in college, making your living arrangements fun is essential for making new friends and creating a relaxed home base. Here are nine things to keep in mind when sharing a floor with others.

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