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Weighted Blanket For Sleep

This Weighted Blanket Is Like Nurofen For Your Whole Body

Anxiety and insomnia are common problems these days, and while you could treat the problems by taking one of the many of drugs on the market, you can also try simply wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket. The deep pressure these blankets produce is akin to being embraced in a hug, which is said to stimulate the production serotonin and endorphins, naturally calming chemicals in the body. As a result, you'll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Sounds incredible, right? There are a handful of weighted blankets on the market already (including the Sleep Tight, Mosaic, SensaCalm, and Magic Blanket), but a brand called Gravity just launched a Kickstarter campaign to release the most innovative and luxurious weighted blanket model yet.

"Taking design cues from renderings of gravity planes, we used the same grid-like pattern to evenly distribute the crafted poly pellets to specifically target pressure points throughout your body," the company says. To achieve the perfect 7-12 percent body weight to blanket weight ratio, it's offering three different pound options made from nontoxic, food grade filling. And unlike many of its competitors, Gravity's cover is a plush, ultrasoft fleece. The only downside? Production doesn't happen till this Summer, and you'll have to wait until early Fall to receive your blanket. Until then, soothe yourself to sleep by designing your bedroom to combat anxiety.

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