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2018 Zodiac Forecast For Aquarius

Aquarius: Get Ready to Ride the Wild Waves of 2018 With Your Zodiac Forecast

If you're like us, then your initial response to something challenging or amazing happening is to check your horoscope in the moment and think, "What does all this mean?!" Luckily for you truthful, curious, and imaginative Water Bearers, we've the whole scoop on what you expect for 2018 in all areas of your life (helping you to combat those unpredictable and detached qualities) for a notably successful new year.


Heads up: tons of changes are coming your way! Compounded by your naturally risk-happy nature, this is a time to develop consistent and healthy routines. The daily rituals and plans you employ now will make a huge difference throughout this year of transition. Most notably, your physiology focuses on your lower body and your auric body. That said, stay creative (of course you will) in what self-care efforts you make each day, but make sure to focus on both legs and the energy around your body.


In the beginning of the year, there's a "Mars-Jupiter conjunction" asking you to be powerful and a prominent leader. To embody next year's kick-off words for Aquarius, engage in workouts that require you to strengthen and sweat — the more athletic, the better! Exercise your passion as well by taking dance and (gasp!) moving your body with gumption no matter what you're doing.


Work and Finances

Bigger changes will start coming your way in May, and while you're used to debunking the system, it will be a good idea to use that energy to go "deeper" instead of "different" when it comes to professional projects. This may be hard for you, but try to see how, in some cases, the consequences of making a radical statement of freedom aren't always worth the trouble.


The Summer is when transitions will start to boil, particularly related to loved ones. Admittedly, Mars's dramatic move into your sign next May, combined with Uranus in July, means you will get uncomfortable. Nothing is fixed in these months and you'll have to dig deeper than ever to uphold solid daily practices and work on fostering more meaningful relationships.

All in all, your eventful 2018 can be productive should you focus on making deeper commitments to yourself and others, practicing generosity while also maintaining mindful awareness, and preparing to ride the wild waves with an extra ounce of your favorites: justice and affection. Once you maturely step into your power here, there's nothing holding you back from having a happy, healthy, and fulfilled year.

Aquarius: Get Ready to Ride the Wild Waves of 2018 With Your Zodiac Forecast  originally posted on POPSUGAR Love & Sex
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