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2018 Zodiac Forecast For Cancer

Say Hello to Endless Possibilities in 2018, Cancer

Things are looking up for Cancer. 2018 is open to endless possibilities. The world is your oyster, and no matter what you come up against this year, lovely Cancer, greet it with open arms.

Cancer is one of the most loyal, sympathetic, and imaginative of all the signs. You also have persuasive qualities and are in tune with the feelings of others around you, especially friends and family. As a water sign, you can be one of the hardest signs to get to know. You lead with your emotions, which is a great quality, but sometimes this can overwhelm you. Despite your positive qualities, noble crab, you do have some that aren't so wonderful. Try to keep your insecurities, superstitions, and sometimes manipulative tendencies in check.

2018 Overview

You will start off the year strong because on the first day of the year the moon leaves Gemini and goes toward Cancer. Due to your sympathetic tendencies, you will skillfully manage it all and maintain the balance in your life.

Things will shift later in the month due to a lunar eclipse and this will cause the moon to move toward Leo. This may result in you being more of the centre of attention than you're used to, but don't fret. New experiences breed character and these kinds of adventures will help you grow and gain confidence.

Come Summer, there will be another lunar eclipse in late July that will cause the moon to move more toward Aquarius. This may result in a shift in your focus, and you may find yourself having a more wide angle lens when it comes to issues in your own life and beyond.

Be wary of a Jupiter retrograde from March through early July. This period may leave you feeling a little more sensitive than normal and could further open up your psychic tendencies. This can help you clarify things and maybe help give you some insight into bigger issues in your life.

Career and Finances

With Saturn coming into its home of Capricorn, combined with the special relationship Saturn and Cancer has, you'll be the leader of the financial pack in 2018.

When the sun enters Cancer, it will take out Saturn. This means it will be easier for you to knock out hard decisions and will result in a happy work environment, and may even result in you climbing up the career ladder. Own your new professional edge.

In February, you should promote yourself and your projects. If you take a risk in April, your unplanned move may result in a bigger reward.

July will be your pinnacle for networking. The Jupiter retrograde is about to pass, which would mean more potential professional team players. However, there is a Mars retrograde about to happen, so be careful to not make mistakes.

September brings about new promise with Saturn no longer in retrograde. This will benefit you when it comes to important decisions for money and your job. With your intuitive nature, combined with your keen sense of looking at the bigger picture, you will be sure to ride out the rest of the year with some big gains.

Love and Relationships

This is a year full of adventures for you, whether you are single or in a relationship. Given your emotional tendencies, 2018 will be anything but dull.

In the new year, particularly in January and February, you should be able to broach even the most complex topics with your partner. Come June and July, you will continue to be surprised and be proud of each other's resourcefulness and you can skillfully work out troubles that come your way.

Things may reach a new level of intimacy in August for the happy Cancer couple, and you may be feeling each other on a whole other plane. Things will get sexy in October because of the dynamic duo of Jupiter and Scorpio for a Summer retrograde. This could also help with some social and financial issues that might come up around this same time.

Be conscious of Venus being in retrograde in October and November. If you're single, this could be a good time for you to count your blessings. Things are in the mix, so in January, if an opportunity arises be careful, especially if it's at work. Dating someone at work comes with its own set of risks.

Come February, put yourself out there and don't be afraid to let people know what you want. There might be someone who could be more than you bargained for, but don't be afraid to tell them what works for you.

Things come to a head in March when Neptune casts its spell. You may see signs of someone who you think is your soul mate, but don't fall for it. In July and August, you may encounter some players. While you may not be feeling yourself, rest assured, Cancer, others are.

Come October and November, this may be a good time to take some "you" time. If you are after a serious relationship, you should wait until the middle of the month to seal the deal.


This year be sure to watch out for your energy levels. De-stressing, relaxing, and putting time aside for yourself should be a priority. You've had a few tough breaks the last couple years, so this is the time to cut yourself some slack.

Remember, it is important to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. These areas are all interlinked, so if some physical health issues do arise, make sure to look at yourself on the whole to seek out the root of the problem. This coming year also pay special attention to your sexual health and take time to get more in touch with your spiritual side.

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