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Best Qualities of Virgos

If You Have Something to Say About "B*tchy" Virgos, Read This First

In the last few months, I've seen an uptick in articles lambasting Virgos, and as someone with a double Virgo sign, I'm putting my foot down and asking why. Let's get the stereotypes out of the way: earth-sign Virgos are logical, rigid, perfectionist, dedicated, and boring. When people describe Virgos, they use words like "bossy," "b*tchy," "critical," and "demanding." I like to say I'm particular, because it all boils down to one thing: when we figure out what we like, we don't settle for less. Is that such a bad attitude to have?

Women's empowerment is constantly being both encouraged and simultaneously challenged in our world, so describing the traits above as "negative" irks me. Why is it wrong for women to have an opinion and know themselves? Why is it wrong for them to know they deserve the best and expect it? Why is it wrong to drop the people or things that don't meet their standards, or attempt to fix them so they do?

Virgos are the realists who work hard to make things perfect. We hate miscommunication and unnecessary drama, so we usually tell the truth, even when it's harsh. Planning and organising come easy to us, but we can have fun too; we enjoy spontaneity (at the appropriate times) and going with the flow. Sometimes it's nice not being in charge. When things go wrong, though, expect us to step in. If something's not enjoyable for a group and we can fix that, we will, even if that means letting go of our own relaxed attitude to do so.

Find the dependable Virgo in the background quietly baking cookies to cheer someone up or signing on to work an extra shift if someone feels unwell. Virgos are caretakers who dedicate ourselves to those we love — we'll literally do anything for them. You may think Virgos aren't passionate or fun, but I can guarantee it's because we're stuck in our heads critiquing ourselves far more than we are you (though, honestly, we do that too). In the chaos that we live in now, from political issues to financial woes to the social media lifestyle, is it any wonder that Virgos try to help and keep order in whatever small ways we can? We can't afford to waste time with so much going on.

Plus, let's talk about that work ethic. That desire to be the best, give the best, and have the best drives many Virgos to succeed in life, sometimes at whatever cost necessary — just look at Beyoncé. If a Virgo seems demanding to you, imagine the pressure they're putting on themself.

Virgos think ahead and look at actions from all angles, and then we wholeheartedly throw ourselves down our chosen path without looking back. We may agonize over making a decision, but once we do, we follow through and won't take any sh*t about it — and that includes ending relationships without hesitation. When a Virgo gives you their loyalty, they simply expect it in return. We deserve the best and we know it, whether it's from an SO, a friend, or a job.

I have honestly never met another Virgo I didn't like. All of those things people think are negative are things I've learned to love about myself and about others. Admire the strong Virgo women in your life. Praise them for striving to make things better, for wanting to help others, and for improving everything they see. Reach out and check in on them because you'll never know when they're feeling off otherwise. Forgive them for being anxious because they're worrying; give them a break when they short out because they're overwhelmed by everything they've taken onto their own shoulders. Those hard-working, quiet, loyal Virgos in your life? They shouldn't be at the bottom of any list.

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