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Best Sex Positions For Virgos

3 Sex Positions Virgos Will Love

The Virgo sign is most associated with being prude, conservative, and slightly vanilla. I mean, their zodiac symbol is the virgin. But let's go ahead and change that mindset to the fact that Virgos can get down. They might not wear their heart on their sleeve and they tend to shy away from PDA, but behind closed doors, they're very devoted lovers.

When it comes to the best sex positions for this sign, we do have to consider some of their downfalls. They can be overly analytical and they prefer routine over spontaneity. You might not want to surprise them with the wildest trysts at first, but once you've gained their trust and they becomes more comfortable, all bets are off. Overall, they're most compatible with Pisces and Cancer signs, but anyone who can stimulate them intellectually has a chance at their heart. Here are three sex positions Virgos would like.

1. Lap Dance

Sensual and direct, the lap dance can easily transition from foreplay to sex if you want to first ease into things. Both of your hands are free to wander and take the passion up a notch. Virgos like being in control, making this position especially fitting.

How it works: Have your partner sit with their legs together. Sit on their lap reversed with your legs behind you and outside of theirs and your head on their shoulder.

2. Downward Dog

As much as Virgos like being in charge of things, they also like to please their partner. They have an adventurous side, so downward dog (not the one you're thinking of) is a fun choice if you want to switch roles and have your partner in power.

How it works: Kneel face down with one arm behind you and one arm resting comfortably by your head. Keep your legs apart as your partner enters from behind, holding your bent wrist with their other hand on the back your neck.

3. Thirst

Virgos can easily get lost in their thoughts, but face-to-face positions will keep them present. Thirst is especially sensual and passionate, requiring a tight embrace.

How it works: Face each other lying on your sides. Have your partner's arm around you behind your neck with the other around your back or butt while you hug their neck. One of their legs will be in between yours, allowing you to wrap your top leg around them. This position makes kissing and caressing easy.

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