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Best Sex Positions For When You're Sleepy

5 Sex Positions For When You're Tired — but Still Want to Get It On

Sex is fun. Then again, so is going the f*ck to sleep. Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice an orgasm when you're in the mood but too tired to deal. There are plenty of positions that will help you reach your peak while staying cosy. Read on to learn 'em all — then do your thing, you snoozy seductress.

Open-Legged Spoon

Consider your classic, morning sex spoon sesh: it's a lazy go-to for a reason, but it's not supereasy for ladies to climax from this position. Instead, try a modified approach, where you lie on your back while your partner lies on their side. Spread your legs into a crab position, and drape them over your partner. Be sure to have them reach over and stimulate your clitoris as they thrust, or take matters into your own hands and fire up a vibrator. An added plus? You'll look like a dang snack from this angle. Plus, your honey will basically be hugging you the entire time you do the deed. Cuties!

Flat Doggy

This position hits your G-spot just right, and all you have to do is lie on your stomach and close your legs. Yup, that's it. Have your partner kneel over your legs and enter you from behind. Since your limbs are in such a rigid position, everything will feel tighter (re: hotter). If you're a wild woman who likes things to feel primal, you'll especially love this position as you get to feel someone else's whole body on top of you.

Lifted Missionary

OK, we get it: missionary doesn't have the sexiest rep. Turn the stodgy stereotype on its head with this alternative method. First, lie on your back, but make sure to prop up your pelvis up with two pillows. Then, have your partner enter you. Go to town, missionary business as usual; except with this way, your pubic bone will align with your partner's pelvis. The result: more G-spot action, clitoral stimulation, bada bing, bada boom — orgasm.

The Lotus

Oh, we're blushing just thinking about this one. While your partner is sitting up, climb on top of them and sit back, pretzel-style. Rock back against them while gyrating. You'll get to look into their eyes the entire time, so this is an extremely intimate position. This is definitely the slow jam of our sex position soundtrack, so it might take some time reach completion. We promise it's worth it.

Mutual Masturbation

There is something very sexy about watching your partner get off. But since you're letting someone in on such a private act, it's understandable that you might feel shy at first. To quell your nerves, consider communicating with your partner beforehand, letting them know what turns you on and listening to their preferences, too. If you're both into talking and discussing fantasies while you do your thing, go forth and dirty talk. Perhaps you require silent concentration — that's cool, too. No matter what you try, be sure to maintain eye contact to keep things hot.

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