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Dad Gave Mum Flowers After Divorce

Cue the Tears — This Dad Sent His Ex-Wife Flowers After Their Divorce Finalised

Divorce is undoubtedly an emotional experience for everyone involved. But when we came across this teen's tweet about her parents' divorce, our heartstrings were pulled in a way they've never been pulled before. Seventeen-year-old Lynn tweeted the photo above, sharing that her father sent her mother this beautiful bouquet of flowers after a divorce brought their 19-year marriage to an end. Though the details of their divorce are rightfully unknown, we can't help but smile (and cry) at this father's kind gesture. Who knew that four simple words could stir up so many darn emotions?!

The tweet has since garnered 76,000 retweets and more than 220,000 favourites. On top of that, numerous other Twitter users have responded to Lynn's tweet to share their support, words of wisdom, and, per her request, adorable dog photos to lift her spirits.

Twitter can be a beautiful place. Faith in humanity has been restored — for now, at least.

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