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Dating Tips From Love Island

What Love Island Can Teach Us About Dating

I, like the rest of the nation, have been gripped each night by the hilarity and insanity of Love Island. As the islanders' time in the villa comes to a close, I've started to realise that though the show can be silly, one can actually learn a lot from Amber, Kem, Montana, and the rest of our favourite amorous gang.

Now, of course, the young contestants are on a show called Love Island where the point is coupling up (and the prize is monetary), but shouldn't all of us singletons take a page out of their playbook and try to be a little more in touch with our emotions — and act on them more quickly? The Islanders have no choice but to be bullish when it comes to dating, and I'd argue that we could learn a lot from the ways of the villa. Fancy someone? Tell them outright. Hate being clingy? Let them know!

Let's take the Islanders' favourite phrase for example: "Can I have a quick chat?" — total genius. The tanned team don't waste any time in grabbing each other for a tete-à-tete to get whatever is bothering them off their chests asap. And isn't it better that way? A perfect example: after a day in the pool flirting with Theo, Tyla wasted no time in cordoning off Johnny to let him know the update — she's over it. Were we sad for him? Sure. But at least it's over and done with faster than you can say "Prosecco".

The moral of the story? Resist the urge to be passive-aggressive, and take the "can we go for a chat?" approach. How many times have we all let dating someone we feel lukewarm about drag on because we simply don't have the guts to have the dreaded "chat"?

On Love Island, if you're feeling romantic toward someone, you say it or show it — boldly!

It works the other way too. On Love Island, if you're feeling romantic toward someone, you say it or show it — boldly! Who can forget the "aww" heard round the country when the hunky Jamie made Camilla an impressive avocado toast birthday breakfast (Hint hint, boyfriends of the world)? Or what about off again/on again couple Liv and Chris, who remind each other daily how much they fancy each other. Think about how much time we waste in modern dating life playing a guessing game — do they like me? Will they text? Where is this going? Make like the Islanders and just say what's on your mind. As Liv once wisely said in the confession room "I'd rather know now!"

The bottom line is, on Love Island, contestants are forced to be super in touch with any and all emotion. Because of the nature of the game, everyone voices thoughts, concerns, and feelings readily, and the results are clear: it's helpful to be honest! On Love Island, there are no mixed messages, or confusing "ghosting" periods — it's in the Islanders' best interest to wear their hearts on their sleeve. So next time you get the "ick" or really fancy someone, make like a contestant and let your date know. Either way, they'll appreciate your boldness. Now, where is Caroline Flack with a glass of champs for us?

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