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First Date Safety Hack

How This Man Shamed a Woman on Their First Date Proves Exactly Why She Was Right

First dates can be nerve-racking because of the potential for a great (or not-so-great) experience. But they can also have some people feeling on edge beforehand because this unknown means that there can be danger. This is especially true for blind dates, when you've never actually met the person, or internet matches when you don't have mutual friends to vouch for the person.

Although what could happen when you get in a stranger's car or leave a bar with someone new isn't something that people like to think about, the reality is that women in particular have to. As a precaution, one smart woman came up with a simple trick to feel safer, and her date's reaction will not only infuriate you but will also make you realise just how necessary it was.

According to a screenshot shared on Twitter, one male user posted, "I had a chick go behind my car and text my plate number to her homegirl before she got in the car with me."

This simple action took minimal time and shouldn't have offended her date. It was simply added security that the woman needed to feel comfortable on the date or give peace of mind to her loved one. However, this man didn't see it that way — most likely because he's never had to worry about the same things women have in these situations.

When another Twitter user asked if he ended up enjoying the date, he wrote, "I left her ass there and went home lol. Not taking no woman nowhere that's doin all that."

Not only was there nothing funny about his response, but his reaction only proves why women feel the need to do this: there are guys out there who think this is a joke and don't even comprehend why a woman needs to always be concerned about her safety. Many tweeted in support of the woman, who was simply looking out for herself and her safety.

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