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How to Have Better Sex on Holiday

3 Ways to Make Your Holiday Sexpectations Happen

With all the stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to dedicate time to spend with your partner, so most of us rely on holidays and time away to reset and recharge neglected sex lives. According to a recent survey of 2000 people by Durex, though, there's a major disparity between couples' holiday sexpectations and what actually happens when they're away.

While 57 percent of the couples said they expect better sex on holiday, 60 percent actually admitted to their holiday sex lives falling below their expectations.

The majority of these intimacy blocks are attributed to digital distractions, with 56 percent of participants claiming their partners' preoccupation with their phones and tablets hindering intimacy, and over 70 people actually admitting to scrolling through their phones during sex!

If this sounds familiar, these three tips might just help you along the way to increasing your sense of intimacy and getting you a little closer to making your holiday sexpectations a reality.

Lock Your Phones
According to Durex's Sex and Relationships expert, Dr Alix Fox, something as simple as making use of your room safe can make a big difference to your sense of intimacy. Setting a time to switch off and lock your digital devices away overnight will force you to focus on each other. Avoid using the excuse of needing your phone's alarm by booking a wake-up call from the hotel's reception.

Turn On Your Out-of-Office Response
It can be hard to detach from your commitments at home, but turning on your out-of-office replies will help you relax and take your mind off the things that impinge on your time together at home, like work stresses.

Set Social Media Limits
If you're one of the 42 percent who routinely shares special moments on social media, rather than with their partner, it's time to ease up on social media. Focus on sharing funny or memorable moments with your partner rather than capturing them to share with others to increase your sense of intimacy.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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