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How Much of a '90s Girl Were You? | British Nostalgia Quiz

Were You the Ultimate British Teen Girl in the '90s?

If you're one of the many women looking at all the 1990s-inspired clothes in the shops right now and remembering when you wore them the first time round, we know how you feel, and it's time for some serious nostalgia! From Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" to every item currently on sale at Motel, '90s pop culture is inspiring current trends, and those of us who lived through the era of Brit pop, Reality Bites, and Clueless the first time round are feeling incredibly old. With so many nostalgia quizzes and lists aimed at a US audience, we thought it was time for one aimed squarely at the UK! If you went through your teens in Britain in the '90s, we think you'll remember loads of the trends, TV shows, makeup items, and life moments listed below. Find out how much of a stereotypical '90s teen you were by checking off everything that rings a bell.

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  1. You had clothes from Bay Trading Co., Select, Mark One, and Clockhouse.
  2. You had a trouser-skirt combo, and you probably wore it to a school disco with a choker.
  3. Your style icons in your tweens were Blossom, Claudia Kishi, Clarissa, and the Spice Girls.
  4. Your style icons as you got older were Angela Chase, Cher Horowitz, the girls from The Craft, and Buffy.
  5. You bought a pair of jeans from Madhouse.
  6. You wore a multicoloured jumper from The Sweater Shop with leggings and slouch socks.
  7. You had a crop top from Miss Selfridge with an appliqué heart on it.
  8. You had a hankie hem top, dress, or skirt (probably all three).
  9. You had a Global Hypercolour t-shirt until your mum ruined it in the wash.
  10. You had a patent mini-backpack.
  11. You owned and frequently wore a velvet hat with a flower on it.
  12. You bought jewellery from Bow Bangles, before it became Claire's.
  13. You had a dozen necklaces that had a little pendant hanging on a leather thong, including one with a peace sign.
  14. You had a Swatch or a Storm bubble watch (or a cheap copy of either of these).
  15. You wore "shag bands" and knew what all the different colours meant.
  16. You saved up to buy a pair of high-heel Kickers.
  17. You had a lot of dummy necklaces in various sizes.
  18. You had a peaked cap or a baker boy hat that you wore backwards. If you were really lucky, it was by Kangol.
  19. Vast sums of money were spent on Spectacular nail polish. Blue moon was probably your favourite.
  20. You knew someone who stole a bottle of Anais Anais, LouLou, or Sun Moon and Stars from Boots.
  21. Your Rimmel lipstick collection consisted of Heather Shimmer, Coffee Shimmer, Fudge Brownie, and Wild Clover.
  22. Your mascara was by Collection 2000, and you got it free with a copy of Shout magazine.
  23. You went on holiday to Spain and got a hair wrap.
  24. You owned products from Miss Selfridge's Kiss and Make Up range (bonus points if you still have them).
  25. You smelled like one of the following: White Musk, Dewberry, Vanilla, So . . . ?, Exclamation, or Impulse body spray.
  26. You had your hair cut into a Rachel, but your hairdresser was rubbish, so it never sat right.
  27. As a result, you wore your hair in a ponytail with loads of scrunchies and two pieces hanging down at the front.
  28. There was always, always glitter on your carpet due to hair and makeup experiments.
  29. You experimented with Björk/Gwen Stefani hair knots or minibuns.
  30. You had hair mascara in every colour of the rainbow.
  31. Two words: butterfly clips.
  32. You carried your PE kit to school in either a Body Shop cotton tote or a green, cat-covered River Island plastic bag.
  33. The boys stole your copies of Bliss/Sugar magazine on the school bus so they could read the problem pages aloud.
  34. Neighbours and Home & Away were vital viewing every night (or lunchtime during school holidays).
  35. At your school talent show, a group of girls dressed up as AllSaints and did a dance to "Never Ever."
  36. You got picked on in PE if your trackie bottoms weren't Adidas three-stripe (preferably with poppers).
  37. For long periods of the year, your school "coat" was a Kappa jacket.
  38. If you weren't wearing Kickers to school, you were wearing the chunkiest platform loafers known to man.
  39. You knew the dance routine to at least one song by Steps or B*Witched.
  40. You taped your favourite music off the chart show on a Sunday afternoon.
  41. Your first concert was either a boy band or a Britpop band, depending on how cool you were.
  42. You had very strong opinions on the Blur vs. Oasis debate.
  43. Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann were your Brad and Jennifer.
  44. The only thing on TV you loved more than Friends (which you always wrote as F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) was Chums.
  45. You wanted to be Mandy from Game On.
  46. You only fancied boys with curtains. Mostly Paul Nicholls.
  47. You got your song lyrics from magazines, not the Internet.
  48. Most of your decisions were made based on the results of magazine quizzes you and your friends took.
  49. You used to spend a lot of time at your friend's house because she had Sky and a Sega Megadrive.
  50. You have never surfed or skated in your life, but you spent a lot of time in shops that sold the associated clothing.
  51. You spent a lot of time in the local hippy shop buying yin-yang stuff, embroidered rucksacks, and incense.
  52. You never *did* get that Mr Frosty.
  53. You had a Magic Eye picture on your wall. You could definitely see the dolphins.
  54. You took up violin because Billy from Neighbours played it.
  55. You have any of the following tattoos: a dolphin, a chinese symbol, a butterfly on your lower back.
  56. You remember dial-up Internet, MSN messenger, and your parents screaming at you to free up the phone line.
  57. Your first alcoholic drink was Hooch, White Lightning, Bacardi Breezer, or Reef.
  58. You had neon roller blades, or classic quads by Bauer or Roces.
  59. You thought, for a small moment, that your Beanie Baby collection would pay your Uni fees.
  60. You and your friends did a Ouija board at a sleepover, and to this day, nobody owns up to moving the planchette.
  61. You know all the words to the theme tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  62. You fancied Drazic from Heartbreak High.
  63. You read Sweet Valley High books when the girls were still a "perfect size 6."
  64. You remember (and absolutely loved) Minx magazine.
  65. Birthday cards for your friends were either Purple Ronnie, Bang on the Door, or Forever Friends.
  66. You used sun-in on your hair (or, worse, your boyfriend's — why did boys hair always go even more orange?).
  67. Winona Ryder in Reality Bites was the coolest girl ever.
  68. You thought life in a US high school was just like Saved by the Bell and California Dreams.
  69. You bought Just Seventeen magazine before it went monthly.
  70. You know what bubble shoes are. Extra point if you HAD them.
  71. You or someone you knew attempted to pierce her own nose, belly button, or tongue.
  72. You crimped your hair at least once.
  73. You saw Titanic at the cinema more than three times.
  74. You can still sing the Salon Selectives TV jingle (and you used the shampoo).
  75. Kissing was either "snogging" or "getting off with someone."
  76. You read Point Horror books because they were way scarier than Goosebumps.
  77. You cried at Shane and Angel's wedding on Home & Away, and again when he died.
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