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How to Tell If Your Partner Loves You

25 Ways Your Partner Says "I Love You" Without Actually Saying It

Even if your significant other isn't a frequent sayer of "I love you," there are plenty of other ways they're showing it. Those who aren't the gushy type may not express it in words, but you can decode their affection by looking at their actions. True love isn't about flowers or gifts, instead it's the thoughtfulness and the little things that matter most. Next time you're wondering why your partner hasn't been showering you with Instagram-worthy surprises, think about the small ways they think of you each day. If you want to figure out how much they care about you, ask yourself these 25 questions instead of counting the eight-letter words.

  1. Do they call you to check in on days you're feeling especially stressed out?
  2. Do they keep your favourites in mind when they go food shopping?
  3. Do they send you funny GIFs or tag you in posts they think you'd like?
  4. Do they do things with you that you know they wouldn't do on their own?
  5. Do they take care of you when you're ill?
  6. Do they ask you to text them to let them know you got home safe?
  7. Do they give up their time to help you with something?
  8. Do they offer their honest opinion to prevent you from doing something regrettable?
  9. Do they try to cheer you up when you're upset?
  10. Do they act interested in things they know excite you?
  11. Do they listen when you need someone to talk to?
  12. Do they try to protect you?
  13. Do they encourage you to go after your goals?
  14. Do they show respect to your friends and family even if they don't like them?
  15. Do they randomly text you throughout the day asking how you're doing?
  16. Do they suggest doing things they know you'd like to do?
  17. Do they surprise you with silly or little things that made them think of you?
  18. Do they remember how you like your tea or coffee?
  19. Do they offer to run an errand for you that you're unable to do yourself?
  20. Do they remember small details you've mentioned in previous conversations?
  21. Do they want to spend their free time with you?
  22. Do they make you feel like your happiness is important to them?
  23. Do they adjust the duvet for you when you're sleeping?
  24. Do they ask you if you've eaten?
  25. Do they drop everything when you need them?
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