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Ken Doll With Man Bun Twitter Reactions

The Internet Has a LOT of Feelings About Barbie's New Ken Doll With a Man Bun

In an effort to diversify its doll offerings, Mattel released a new collection of Barbie and Ken dolls with varying body types, hairstyles, and skin tones. Among the assortment of new toys is one in particular that has the internet up in arms: a Ken doll who sports a patterned shirt, distressed denim shorts, and a prominent man-bun hairdo. If you were wondering, the answer is yes, we have officially reached peak 2017.

As soon as news of this bun-topped doll hit the internet, people couldn't resist sharing their candid reactions to Ken's new look, and they're hilarious. Although some Twitter users were delighted to see the popular toy company being more inclusive with its doll designs regardless of their feelings toward man-buns, others simply couldn't resist hysterically trolling the new addition.

Some people were straight-up shook about the whole situation.

Others noted that the Ken doll is a surefire sign of the nearing apocalypse.

A few Twitter users speculated what this man-bun Ken doll may come equipped with . . .

. . . and what beliefs he may hold.

But one guy had the best reaction of them all β€” the Ken doll's actual look-alike.

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