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Kiwi and Goth Lovebirds

These 2 Actual Lovebirds Are the Relationship Goals You Never Knew You Needed

Look, even if you're not a bird person, you won't be able to deny the cuteness that is this couple. Two real lovebirds — that's actually the type of birds they are — named Kiwi and Siouxsie (aka Kiwi's new goth girlfriend) have redefined relationship goals. Twitter user baby almond posted adorable photos of the two in love just hours after meeting. We agree that they're moving a little fast, but we also totally understand that when you know, you just know.

Kiwi immediately took to his black-masked Fischer's lovebird companion and has been showing everyone how to really treat their significant others. He even mama-birded Siouxsie a seed purée — find you a man/woman/bird that will do that for you.

We wish this happy pair all the best.

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