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Mum Thinks Melted Bottle Is a Sex Toy

The Internet Is Cracking Up Over This Mum's "Sex Toy" Mistake

When one mum opened up her dishwasher, she was only prepared to see clean cups and plates ready to be put away. Instead, she found a pink and red elongated plastic object with an orange tip.

Shocked and convinced this was a sex toy, the mum wrapped it in a towel and approached her daughter about her surprising discovery and asked her "what the f*ck" it was exactly. Reddit user fictionbastard shared snapshots from the hysterical exchange that explained the epic misunderstanding. "It was a cup. It shrank," the daughter captioned a second photo of the melted bottle along with its cap. "She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day."

Hopefully, this woman has a good sense of humour because online users can't help but laugh at her mistake. "Of course she felt uncomfortable," Reddit user cdnpaul wrote. "Look at the size of that thing."

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