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Is Smoking Weed Good For Your Relationship?

I Switched From Wine to Weed and It Improved My Relationship

I am a weed newbie. My boyfriend is the "cannabis connoisseur" in our relationship — he'll point out different colours and the nose on buds like we're wine tasting. (It all smells the same — and gross — to me.) But as a health and wellness writer, I've done a lot of research on the health benefits of weed, and a couple months ago I figured it was finally time to put that research into practice. It was an opportunity to both help my anxiety — which has been a source of friction in my relationship — and connect with my boyfriend on something that he is passionate about.

That's how I ended up at MedMen, looking for something that could help me manage my anxiety. "While cannabis affects every consumer differently, edibles, tinctures, vape pens and flower with high CBD and low THC ratios are known to produce a calming experience and balance out THC's psychoactive elements," a MedMen representative told me. They recommended Dosist Calm vape pen, Papa and Barkley 1:30 THC to CBD Tincture, and Care By Design 18:1 CBD to THC tincture. There are many ways to incorporate cannabis into your routine, but I've found that I prefer tinctures and Dosist vape pens specifically, because you can get a precise dose and manage how much you take. As someone who is weary about how substances effect her, I appreciate this.

Since my excursion to MedMen, our Friday night routine has changed a bit. Before, I would pour myself a glass of wine, literally Olivia Pope-sized because I bought the exact Crate and Barrel glasses she has on the show. My boyfriend would turn to pot to de-stress. And, even though there's less of a stigma around pot, I still felt weird about smoking it myself. But after trying it, I've found that it's a great way to wind down, without the morning-after effects of drinking wine. Plus, it turns out that wine can actually cause anxiety in the hours after you drink it. For someone who has anxiety to begin with, this amplifies it into something really unpleasant.

Another way it's helped my stress, and therefore my relationship, is that it helps me sleep. On very stressful days, it's difficult for me to fall asleep. When I have trouble sleeping, my routine gets thrown off. And during the week, I need a routine in order to be productive and happy. It's nights like those where I take a hit (just a little pot lingo I picked up on, NBD) of the aforementioned Dosist Calm. It helps put me in relaxation mode, and makes it easier for me to fall asleep. When I have a good night of sleep, my anxiety is easier to manage, I perform better in the gym, and I feel more creative during the day.

OK, and I would be remiss to write this without talking about how it's impacted our sex life. You know how food tastes better when you're high? Yeah, marijuana also heightens your sense of touch. Sex and intimacy is an important part of any relationship, and my boyfriend and I have been together for eight years. Recently, we hit a bit of a sex slump. Bringing cannabis into the bedroom gave us something new to try, and there are actually certain strains of pot that are good for enhancing arousal, like the Dosist Passion and Arouse vape pens.

It's hard to have a healthy relationship when you're stressed and exhausted and distracted all of the time, and marijuana has helped improve those aspects of my life. When my anxiety gets the better of me, I'm quicker to get angry, and I'm not as present with my boyfriend. By incorporating pot as a part of my lifestyle, I've become a better partner because I am happier and healthier. (And did I mention the sex? Yes? OK, good.)

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