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Tips to Improve Your Relationship

19 Quick and Easy Ways to Give Your Relationship an Instant Boost

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your relationship in the long run, but you can also give it a boost right now. By focusing on the small, intimate moments, you can quickly strengthen your connection and turn up the heat. Looking for simple ways to feel closer to your other half? Keep reading for a look at easy tips to give your relationship an instant boost, then check out signs you've found your soul mate plus fun things to do with your partner this Summer.

  1. Send a flirty text.
  2. Bring up an old, awesome memory your other half may have forgotten.
  3. Hop in the shower together.
  4. Order a book for your partner, just because.
  5. Plan your next holiday together.
  6. Have sex.
  7. Have phone sex.
  8. Teach each other how to do something the other doesn't know how to do.
  9. Turn on "your song."
  10. Get nostalgic and pull up a photo from your early days together.
  11. Give each other massages.
  12. Go for a walk together (and turn off your phones).
  13. Collaborate on a dating bucket list.
  14. Build a fort in your living room.
  15. Look through old photos from the early days of your relationship.
  16. Write each other love letters and actually post them.
  17. Find out what your love languages are and compare notes.
  18. Read the first pages of your favourite book to your other half.
  19. Share stories you've never told each other.
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