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Wedding DJ Secrets

6 Secrets From a Wedding DJ Who Sees and Hears It All

The music at your wedding can make or break the entire event. The dance floor at the reception is the prime spot for the wedding party and guests, and many people decide on having a DJ to create the night's soundtrack. But know this: your DJ sees all. They are spending several hours with you, watching guests, getting song requests, and taking in everything as the night progresses and the drinks continue to flow. From songs they refuse to play to the craziest things they've witnessed, read on for secrets one wedding DJ shared on Reddit.

1. What's on your "No, I absolutely will not play that" list?

"My 'no list' consists of for weddings, 'YMCA,' 'Celebration' and 'We Are Family,' contrary to people thinking it is great for its popularity it is always a floor killer for me . . . and any metal or hard rock unless the demographic is certainly that kind of crowd. It amazes me how often people I do events for one or two will request Disturbed or Slipknot when it is clearly a Pitbull and Flo Rida kind of crowd."

2. What is your craziest story?

"Last year I did a ceremony and reception. And the groom was pretty drunk, during the vows he said the wrong name and the crowd chuckled, the bride gave an awkward 'F U' kind of smile. Then at the reception I went to take a quick bathroom break . . . and when I walked out the groom was making out with some dude — I was like 'yeahhh this marriage is gonna be fun to keep up to date with.'"

3. How often do you get requests to play music that is older than either of the married couple?

"A lot actually. It's nice to see people who are in their 20s and 30s and still have a passion for classic music whether it's pop, rock, country etc. I feel music now days is very — just not as great or timeless. I'm 30 and I love Kevin Gates and Anime and Migos and Gaga and such but you just can't beat a classic request of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Skynyrd, Alabama, Better Midler and some other classics."

4. What's a request or something I can do to troll the crowd?

"'The Wobble' is a guarantee right now, I love Rick Astley 'Never gonna give you up', R!ot remix, it is crazy dope, starts off with a nice piano medley and after like 45 seconds it comes crashing in and people have always gone 'OMG' with it for me when I use it in a great way . . . Following by the Fresh Prince theme song has always worked for me in the trolling process. If you got early 30s late 20s, BSB 'Everybody' mixed in to NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye' followed by Spice Girls 'Wannabe' is a gold mine for me — you may as well have Carson Daly there live — the nostalgia explosion is ridiculous when I do it."

5. What's the worst/most bizarre thing that someone's ever asked you to play?

"[I] was at a winery and the event crowd was pretty country as it could get. I have a banner I use that reads text your request and a guy asked me to play Disturbed 'Sickness' followed by Celine Dion Titanic theme followed by Kid Rock 'Bawitaba', [and] I was like who the F are you 1) probably won't be playing those 2) I wish I could so come get five bucks, next drink is on me."

6. What's your worst experience at a wedding gig?

"I was in a good mix at a wedding and there were kids there and parents who didn't do a great job keeping an eye on them. I didn't see these three kids chasing each other nearby and one tripped over one of my speaker stand legs and face planted the ground knocking out a tooth or two . . . it was bloody. The dad actually came up and yelled at me and threatened . . . to sue, to which I showed him my liability form and insurance and assured him it would not be a valuable fight for him. They ended up leaving and needless to say the crowd was not in a very energetic mood at this point. I went to my go to folder that always works for me until I found my groove back, and things went well until a groomsmen came up hammered AF requesting songs. For a moment dude was hilarious and cool then he spilled his beer all over my laptop and mixer, laptop was fine but mixer began glitching and shorting out which ended the party pretty quick. Everything was warrantied so no loss there in getting a new one. I offered the bride and groom their money back. It was a nightmare."

Image Source: Michèle M. Waite
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