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What Is a Blended Orgasm?

What's a Blended Orgasm? Find Out How You Can Take Your O to the Next Level

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think it's safe to say that discovering new ways to achieve female orgasms is never a tired subject. Each of our bodies is different, needing a little more or less of certain kinds of stimulation. So I spoke with several experts, from a certified sex expert to founders of sensual product companies, to find out the best ways to reach a mind-blowing O, and they did not disappoint.

Blended Orgasm

When I asked Alicia Sinclair, clinical sexologist and founder of b-Vibe, to prescribe a bedroom formula for a better climax, she introduced something called a "blended orgasm." This term describes the combination of both internal and external stimulation, hitting multiple spots simultaneously to really take you over the edge. According to Alicia and Polly Rodriguez, CEO and cofounder of feminist subscription box Unbound, about 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to get off, making the clitoris the MVP of blended orgasms. Alicia's suggested formula?

"I would say use a dildo or a vibrator that has just enough to get into the body with a little bit of a curve and really focus on that G-spot or A-spot area, so you're kind of rubbing along the top of the vaginal wall with a little bit of pressure," she told us. "Combine that with vibration, and that's really going to be like you're hitting the money spot in those two places."

In addition to the external nerve endings that allow the majority of women to orgasm, the first two or three inches into the vagina are also the most sensitive. About fingers' length inside, primarily top of the vaginal wall, is where you'll want to dual focus, Alicia mentioned. Ideal sex positions include doggy style, a woman-on-top variation, or any other options that allow for clitoral stimulation (whether manually with fingers or with a vibrator) during penetration. Keep in mind that the vagina responds most to pressure and movement, while the clitoris is most sensitive to vibration.

Other Ways to Get Off

Don't forget about the supporting actors; there are plenty of other combinations to explore. "Kinsey once reported on a woman who could orgasm from eyebrow touching," said Alex Fine, CEO and cofounder of Dame products. "While that may not be possible for most, many erogenous zones on your body (nipples, belly button) can contribute to an orgasm, so they shouldn't be ignored."

In addition, Polly explained to us that both nipple and anal orgasms are also a real thing. "How we're aroused is largely dependent on our nerve endings and associated sensitivity, coupled with our mental state," she told us. "It is easiest to reach climax when you're relaxed and aroused."

Obviously, the different ways of blending orgasms isn't a one-size-fits-all type of deal, so experiment and see what works for you!

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