We look to the stars for our zodiac signs and now we can look to our colours to explore more of ourselves. Instead of horoscopes to help advise us in relationships, work, and life, a system called "colourstrology" can help guide us on a different level. Intuitive, astrologer, and numerologist, Michele Bernhardt, combined an individual's sun sign and ruling planets with numerology and astrology to assign a pantone colour to each day of the year. In addition to 366 birthday colours, she also devised a 12-month guide with one colour that best encompasses your birth month.

Before you dive ahead to find out what your colour is, know that it was chosen based on what you need more than who you exactly are. "It's based on a colour that should or could help you feel more balanced," Michele said. In that way, colourstrology differs from astrology, which interprets the impact of celestial bodies on our lives. And you're not necessarily stuck with your colour as you are assigned a zodiac sign. You can look to other birthday and month colours to see what you're missing and how you can apply it to yourself, kind of like a "colour prescription," as Michele described it. If you're lacking tranquility, add more of September's colour (Baja Blue) into your life. Each colour has an energy, according to Michele, which can be harnessed in various ways, like decorating your home with it, for example.

"You can wear it, eat it, you can surround yourself with it, you can meditate on it," she said. "You can use very creative ways in incorporating colour."

Even if you don't use colourstrology in that sense, it still encourages self-reflection since you need to ask yourself what you need more of. It's also fun to learn which colours you're drawn to and what that says about you and those in your life who were born in those months.

Try it out for yourself and see your birth month colour ahead along with descriptions from Michele's book, Colourstrology: What Your Birthday Colour Says About You.