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Why You Have to Unfollow Your Ex on Facebook

The One Thing You Should Do If You're Going Through a Breakup

There's no way around it — going through a breakup really sucks. If you're having a hard time getting past your old relationship, there's one thing you can do that will make the process so much easier . . .

You have to unfollow your former flame on all social media.

It will be hard. You'll want to check in on them, and you'll wonder what they're up to for a while, but over time it will make your situation so much better. The only way to move on is to not be constantly reminded of them every day. And, let's be honest, it's very tempting to simply type in their name and check up on them. If your relationship is truly over, it's time to end it on the internet as well.

Removing someone from Facebook or unfollowing them on Instagram doesn't show malice; that person is simply no longer a part of your life. And once you hit that unfollow button, you have to stay strong! You should not constantly be following and unfollowing someone — that's no good for anybody in the situation.

It will be difficult for the first couple of weeks, but there will come a day when you realise you haven't thought about your ex in ages — and that's because you're not forced to think about them. Tell a friend you've removed your old significant other from social media so that they can help you through it. There's nothing better than a reminder to move on from somebody who truly cares about you!

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