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Woman Photobombs Couples Making Out

1 Woman Interrupts Public Makeout Sessions With Hilarious Photobombs

What do you do when you witness cute (or intense) PDA? Probably ignore it. But one hilarious Imgur user has been finding the fun in couples swapping spit in public by hilariously photobombing them in action.

In a 19-post thread posted to Imgur, user sofiagia shared some epic snaps of her crashing makeout sessions in nearly every social location possible. Her photobombs capture duos enraptured in smooches everywhere, from the club, on a bus, and in the park. And while her hilarious selfies definitely take humorous creeping to the next level, we admit . . . we definitely feel the need to step up our selfie game after scrolling through these. Check out the hilarious thread below.

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