9 Crazy Places You Should Have Sex (at Least Once)

It's safe to say, there's no shortage of passion in the UK — sexual passion to be precise. From religiously watching young people fall in love — or lust — on Love Island to eagerly skimming through episodes of Netflix's Bridgerton for the raunchy sex scenes.

Us Brits are hornier than ever and the results of our romps have been, on the whole, pretty satisfactory. According to Durex's Global Sex Survey of over 100,000 people, 56% are physically satisfied and 51% are emotional satisfied. The biggest spike came from Brits aged between 35-49 years old, with 63% reporting they were physically satisfied with sex.

Things are going well, but could they be better? Could you take your sex life to the next level? The answer is yes. It's time for you and your partner to roll out of your boring bed and switch things up. Why not head to the shower for a wet and wild session? Or take to the car to see how you can best use the tight space. If you're thinking of changing locations, you're in the right place.

There are many possibilities and the idea of having sex in an unconventional spot is exciting. There are some places that are off limits, but there are other spots that can be just as thrilling and are certain to add a new degree of adrenaline to your romp. Needless to say, the aim of the game is to not get caught — we can't save you from the awkwardness this might bring.

But if things are getting hot under the collar and you and your partner are ready for an impromptu love-making session, then keep reading for some of the crazy places you should have sex, that aren't your bed.

Places to Have Sex

In the Kitchen

The kitchen romp has been seen in many movies and, to be honest, there's something quite passionate about getting hot and heavy amidst the pots and pans. The counter is your best friend here, so use it however you deem fit. Maybe try to avoid getting too close to the stove or sink though.

In a Tent

Take your festival experience to the next level by really utilising that tent space. You're already cramped and if you're with someone you fancy, it only makes sense to get it on. Mainly for warmth, of course!

In a Car

Car sex is basically public sex, so drive to a private spot, climb into the backseat or go crazy in the front and make sure a romantic playlist or a good radio station is playing. Make sure to crack the windows slightly, as it will definitely get steamy, and we mean that literally.

On Top of a Washing Machine

Ah, the washing machine. We can't say it's a top choice, but it doubles as a kitchen counter so it can be just as useful. Bonus points if you have a load on, the rumble could double as a vibrator!

On the Couch

Watching your favourite show, can't be bothered to move and fancy some passion? Bridgerton will do that to you, but fear not, couch sex is where it's at. It's also undeniably comfy so the spacial limitations are soon forgotten.

In the Shower

Shower sex is probably one of the most popular standing sex positions out there. Technically, it's a three in one, a deep clean, saving water and having some one on one time. You can't go wrong.

In a Hot Tub

It's literally already hot and steamy so it just makes sense to have sex in a hot tub. What else are you supposed to do in those things anyways? Pop some bubbles and get it on!

On a Balcony

Bored of the hotel bed? Get out on that balcony and show your partner what you're made of. Safety first, though and maybe it's best if the balcony wall is opaque...

Lauren Gordon is the editorial coordinator at PS UK, where she creates lifestyle and identity content. Lauren has a degree in journalism from University of the Arts London and previously worked as a showbiz and TV reporter at The Mirror US. Lauren specialises in pop culture, hair and beauty, focusing on trends, sharing in-depth tutorials, and highlighting hidden gems in the beauty industry.