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New Dating App Features For Social Distancing

8 Tips For Navigating Dating Apps While Social Distancing

New Dating App Features For Social Distancing
Image Source: Lisa Holden

Feeling lonely right now? You're not alone (ironic, isn't it?). With self-isolation and social distancing in place, everyone is spending more time at home and away from their family and friends, and with that comes more time to be on online dating apps. OKCupid recently reported massive spikes in matches, messages, and virtual dates globally since stay at home orders began in March, indicating many singles are still craving connections even when they can't physically be with someone. When polled, the online dating portal's 70,000 users reported they're looking to emotionally connect vs. have a virtual hookup, and most respondents indicated the best parts of virtual dating are that it's low pressure followed closely by being able to get to know the other person better.

If the OKCupid findings reflect the sentiment of the majority of singles out there, it means virtual dating is our answer right now to form meaningful connections during these tough times. But what are our options and how do they work? As a textbook extrovert, I've spent my first few weeks of lockdown trying them all, and I'm here to share the myriad ways to turn your dating life into a virtual success story while at home. Here are my 10 biggest tips.

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