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Listen to Spotify's Top Streamed Songs About Kissing | 2021

Pucker Up! 20 Sexy Songs That Are Perfect For Setting the Mood With Your Crush

Listen to Spotify's Top Streamed Songs About Kissing | 2021
Image Source: YouTube user Doja Cat

Awkward, sloppy, and hard to forget — that's how many (myself included) would describe their first kiss. Whether it's your first one or one of many, there's no better way to set the mood (and extinguish the awkwardness) than by queuing up a good playlist that's both fun and romantic all in one. While some people have a sex playlist, there's something underrated about a curation of songs that are specifically for lip-to-lip action.

Thanks to Spotify, that playlist already exists, and wow, is it good. This selection of songs is made from the app's top-streamed tracks that feature the word "kiss" in the title, and they're as steamy as they sound. With data collected from January of this year until now, this playlist features music-lovers' most-played tracks, complete with new 2021 songs that are at the top of the charts to old-school hits that are too good to forget about. Whether you're looking to set the mood or you just want to listen to tunes that are as good as gold, check out Spotify's list of swoon-worthy "kiss" songs ahead. Ready, set, pucker up!

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