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5 Tips For Being an Ally to the Black Community | Video

This Video Shares 5 Tips Explaining How to Be a Better Ally to the Black Community

As powerful protests against police brutality continue to take over the streets of major cities across the country, we should all be doing our part to stay informed and take action to address systems of injustice. In a reminder that confronting racism and white privilege is not a new problem, comedian and activist Franchesca Ramsey resurfaced a video she created in 2014 sharing five tips for becoming a better ally to the Black community. Her video is included in writer and academic Rachel Cargle's 30-Day #DoTheWork course, and Franchesca reshared the video on Instagram this week.

"Lots of people are grappling with how to talk about what's happening in our country, commit to being actively anti-racist & support #BlackLivesMatter, and Rachel's free course is a great place to start," Ramsey said in her caption.

"Imagine your friend is building a house and they ask you to help but you've never built a house before," Ramsey said in the video. "So it would probably be a good idea for you to put on some protective gear and listen to the person in charge; otherwise, someone's gonna get seriously hurt. It's the exact same idea when it comes to being an ally . . . Saying you're an ally is not enough. You've gotta do the work." She then went on to share her five tips, including helping white people understand their own white privilege and how to move forward and apologise if they make a mistake.

In the video description box on her YouTube video, Ramsey also added several resources to help those who want to learn more about how to be a good ally, including lessons about privilege, how to be a better friend, and resources on how to embrace white antiracism. "I'm flattered and proud that it continues to speak to so many," Ramsey added. Watch the full video here.

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