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Amy Schumer Shares Her Pregnancy Takeaway on Instagram

Amy Schumer Keeps It Real in Funny Yet Poignant Mother's Day Post: "Women Are the Sh*t"

Amy Schumer celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mom by getting real about her birth experience. The 37-year-old comedian, who welcomed her baby son, Gene, on May 5, shared a new photo of her bundle of joy and paired it with a touching yet relatable caption about her rollercoaster-like path to motherhood. "Ok here's my post baby annoying post and my takeaway from pregnancy," she began, adding, "Women are the sh*t. Men are cool and whatever but women are f*cking warriors and capable of anything." Ain't that the truth!

"Hyperemesis is real and it's awful."

Although the actress unashamedly admitted that she doesn't "totally know" what doulas are used for, she gave a shout-out to the woman she used, Domino Kirke, who made her and her husband, Chris Fischer, "feel totally secure and supported throughout [her] pregnancy and the birth process." Amy went on to address her dealings with hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that caused her to experience severe morning sickness symptoms throughout her entire pregnancy. "Hyperemesis is real and it's awful. But f*ck, what they say is true. The second you give birth it's gone," she wrote, adding that CBD-infused products from Lord Jones helped combat her constant nausea.

After thanking the friends who offered her encourageing words of support throughout her pregnancy, Amy wrote, "Every woman I encountered is so willing to help and advise you and I felt all their strength." Of course, she ended her post with two relatable-as-hell hashtags: #titsleaking and #wearingadiaper. Hah!

Amy's powerful Mother's Day post was soon flooded with responses from other famous mamas who offered their praise and support. The Office actress Angela Kinsey commented, "I love this and your hashtags brought me RIGHT back. How about those mesh nappy undie things they give you at the hospital?? And yep to #titsleaking for months to come! Thanks for sharing your story we all need to support from each other!" Meanwhile, Debra Messing wrote, "It's astonishing what women can do. Congratulations Amy! My favourite part starts now—- the long nursing dates where he just stares into your eyes. It's so powerful. Enjoy!"

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