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Anna Faris Quotes on Cooking With Her Son

Anna Faris Teaches Her Son to Be "Self-Sufficient" by Including Him in This 1 Activity

After partnering with Uncle Ben's to give some lucky kiddos across the US a free pass to swap out their homework for cooking dinner, Anna Faris dished about why making meals with her 6-year-old son Jack is so important. And frankly, everyone should take a page from her book, especially if you have picky eaters running amuck.

"Jack and I cook together, but it's hard to find a time when you're working," Anna told POPSUGAR. "Of course, everyone knows this, but it's a really important way to spend time together as a family. Jack just loves cooking and he'll try things that he wouldn't normally try. The other night we made curry with basmati rice which was great, and I don't think he would have tried that necessarily if he didn't have a hand in cooking it. I did call it buttered chicken."

"And later on down the road I want Jack to learn how clean the toilet and to do his own laundry."

Although most parents are guilty of telling a white lie here or there in hopes of getting their children to try something new (looking at you, Dad, when you told me calamari was chicken!), Anna says kids can actually benefit from helping in the kitchen.

"I think they can learn a lot, too," explained Anna. "It's learning about measuring things and also how to work with knives. My mom just gave Jack a kid's knife set. I think it's a fun learning process."

For Anna, watching Jack bond with his grandma in the kitchen is what it's all about. Plus, whipping up a meal together makes way more memories than just vegging out on the couch.

"Well, I think that cooking bonds [Jack and his grandma together] since they are actively spending time together as opposed to watching a television program together or something," she said. "I think that also it's just an important life skill to learn how to be self-sufficient."

Anna hopes that teaching Jack these life skills at a young age will bode well for his long-term development, and we couldn't agree more: "And later on down the road I want Jack to learn how to clean the toilet and to do his own laundry," she said. "I view it as like a gift for his future partner."

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