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Aries Baby Names

40 Brave Baby Names to Lead the Way For Your Fiery Aries


Babies born between March 21 and April 19 are Aries, first sign of the zodiac, and therefore full of all the energy and dynamism of new beginnings. Those born under this fire sign are very active, loving speed, competition, and coming first. With warrior Mars as their ruling planet, brave and courageous Aries are bold, determined, and fearless, like the ram that represents their sign.

Aries are impulsive and take risks, enjoying physical challenges and sports. Although they love to be in charge and lead from the front, they value teamwork, too. You could think of them as the boss baby of the zodiac. They're also said to be confident, enthusiastic, honest, optimistic, and passionate. Let these associations inspire your little one's moniker with 40 of the best Aries baby names.

Names For Aries Boys

  1. Adam — in the Christian Bible, the first man
  2. Alasdair/Alastair — this Scottish name means "strong leader"
  3. Arden — this Latin name means "eager, ball-of-fire"
  4. Bernard — this German name means "brave as a bear"
  5. Chase — this Middle English name means "fearless hunter"
  6. Cliff — this English name means "brave, fearless, daring, and bold"
  7. Conrad — this Teutonic name means "bold counsellor"
  8. Everett — this Old English name means "brave as a boar"
  9. Ewan — this Irish name means "young warrior"
  10. Fergus — this Gaelic name means "strong man of vigour"
  11. Griffin — this Welsh name means "strong lord"
  12. Harold — this Old Norse name means "brave leader"
  13. Ignatius — this Latin name means "fiery"
  14. Marcus — this Latin name means "of Mars"
  15. Niall — this Irish Gaelic name means "champion"
  16. Riley — this Irish Gaelic name means "courageous"
  17. Sigmund — this Teutonic name means "victorious protector"
  18. Thaddeus — this Greek name means "courageous"
  19. Victor — this Latin name means "victorious"
  20. Wyatt — this Old English name means "hardy, brave and strong"

Names For Aries Girls

  1. Amelia — this German name means "eager, striving"
  2. Audrey — this Old English name means "noble strength"
  3. Bernadette — this French name means "brave as a bear"
  4. Bernice — this Greek name means "victorious"
  5. Briana — this Irish name means "strong, fearless"
  6. Emily — this English name means "competitor"
  7. Emmy — this Latin name means "industrious, rival"
  8. Eve — in the Christian Bible, the first woman
  9. Karla — this French name means "strong"
  10. Marcia — this Latin name means "dedicated to Mars"
  11. Matilda — this German name means "might, power, and battle"
  12. Merida — the protagonist of the Disney/Pixar movie Brave
  13. Neci — this Latin name means "intense and fiery"
  14. Nicole — this French name means "victorious"
  15. Nova — this Latin name means "energetic, fresh, new"
  16. Ruby — a gemstone associated with Aries
  17. Seraphina — this Hebrew name means "fiery one"
  18. Valerie — this Spanish name means "brave and strong"
  19. Victoria — this Latin name means "victorious"
  20. Vivian — this Latin name means "animated, lively"
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