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Baby Tries to Nurse a Bra

This Toddler Trying to Nurse a Push-Up Bra Is the Laugh You Need Right Now

When You Are Hungry And Will Eat Anything

When you're hungry and anything will do... 😋😂

Posted by Happily on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Some babies love breastfeeding so much that they'll do just about anything for a to squeeze in a nursing session. One kiddo, for instance, was out shopping with her mom and happened upon a rack of nude bras, and . . . well . . . can you blame her for getting a bit confused?

"What are you doing?" a mom asked as her daughter began mouthing the cup of a push-up bra. "That's not me. There's no food in there!"

But, the little girl didn't seem to care – she then began rubbing her face on the bra before her mom asked, "Emmie, where's the boobie?"

And you bet she pointed to that 38C before giving it a big ol' chomp.

In case you needed proof as to why new moms often feel like they're just glorified milk machines, this is it!

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