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Boy Pops Mom's Gender Reveal Balloon

You Won't Believe How Calm This Mom Stayed When Her Son Prematurely Popped Her Gender Reveal Balloon

The demise of gender reveal balloon Number 1... The second popped at Party City and the third had 3 scraps of confetti left in it 🎈🗡

Posted by Chanelle Mendoza on Monday, April 2, 2018

Chanelle Mendoza, a Florida mom of two boys, didn't really want to have a gender reveal party for her third child, but decided to have a joint celebration with her sister-in-law, who is also pregnant and found out the sex of her own baby on the same day. So she went to Party City, bought an opaque black balloon filled with confetti, and hid it from her boys until it was time to get it into the car and to the party. Security footage outside her Florida home captured what happened next, which can only be described as a "facepalm moment."

In the video, which Mendoza shared on Facebook, the mom can be seen carrying the big balloon to the car, her two sons trailing behind her — which is right about when her youngest starts to pick up steam with what looks like a toy sword in his hand. If you can't figure out where this was headed, we're sorry to have to burst your balloon bubble. Without a second thought, he thrusts the sword up into the balloon and pink confetti proceeds to sprinkle all over the lawn.

The mom stops, defeated, and stares at her son, who, when asked why the hell he thought that was a good idea, said, "I wanted to see what was inside!"

So. damn. typical.

And as if that wasn't enough defeat, balloons two and three didn't exactly work out either. Mendoza wrote in the caption to her video: "The second popped at Party City and the third had three scraps of confetti left in it."

Deep breath, Mama — and congrats on your baby girl! May she be much less impulsive than her older brother.

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