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Breastfeeding Sign at Target

Someone Spotted This Pro-Breastfeeding Sign at Target, and It's Everything

Way to go Target

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Friday, June 14, 2019

For some women, the decision to breastfeed in public can be a tricky one. Do you cover? Not cover? Try to find a nursing room? In reality, it boils down to how mom is most comfortable feeding her child. And according to a sign spotted in a Target store, the chain totally gets how complex breastfeeding while out and about can be.

"At Target, you are free to nurse wherever and whenever you like while you shop because we think moms rock," reads the sign. "But, if you would like a comfy (or more private) spot to nurse or change a nappy, please ask our fitting room attendant about our nursing room! A peaceful space to take a break during your Target run, it's even stocked with some free goodies to make you and baby's time even sweeter. Happy nursing and happy shopping!"

Frankly, we wish every store was this openly supportive. Way to go, Target!

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