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Cardi B Singing Baby Shark

Welp, Cardi B Just Made Baby Shark Fashion, and We’ve Officially Merged All Worlds

There are likely two distinct camps when it comes to the all-too-catchy "Baby Shark". One group does everything humanly possibly to avoid clicking and listening to another version of it for fear of never getting it out of their heads, and the other just can't get enough of the boppy tune. New mom Cardi B seems to be in that latter camp.

A pro at singing to her newborn, Kulture's mom gave fans an inside look at just how far "Baby Shark" has penetrated into their home. Wearing oil-slick leather pants and a neon barely-there bodysuit, Cardi gives Instagram major catwalk fierceness. And it looks completely normal until you crank up the volume button and crane your neck to see what she's lip syncing. There it is: baby motherf*cking shark. Not even Cardi is safe.

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