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Carey Hart Defends Allowing His Child to Shoot a Gun

Carey Hart Defends His Decision to Allow His 7-Year-Old to Shoot a Firearm

Carey Hart recently defended his decision to let his 7-year-old daughter, Willow, practice shooting a firearm. He explained the parenting choice in a recent Instagram post, stating that he wanted his children to learn the ins and outs of gun safety at an early age.

"Willz and I shooting the 22 rifle," he wrote. "She is getting pretty good. Can hit a 12-inch pie plate from 30 yards. Started her shooting at 3 years old. For the record, none of us hunt, just enjoy shooting for sport. I'm raising the kids with knowledge of firearms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them, and avoid them in uneducated hands."

The 43-year-old dad knew he was touching on a controversial topic, as he started his post with the disclaimer, "Haven't poked the parent police bear in a few days." As he likely expected, his followers shared mixed reactions in the comments section regarding his decision.

"Great Stuff. Well done Dad, good job," wrote one user. "There's nothing wrong with teaching firearm safety to your kids in a safe and responsible environment." Others weren't so supportive. "Teach your kids humanity, peace, and love," said one person. "Guns kill!"

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