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Carrie Underwood's Son Has a Toy Potato

Carrie Underwood's Son Has a New "Toy" That'll Make You Do a Hilarious Double Take

File this under: even celebrity kids are totally bizarre. Just today, Carrie Underwood revealed on Instagram that her three-year-old son Isaiah Michael has a bizarre new obsession: a potato with a face drawn on it in permanent marker.

"This is what my kid has been playing with for the past two days," the country singer wrote. "Yes, it's a potato. Yes, he has other real toys. Yes, I know it's weird."

What makes it hilariously weirder is that it seems the potato is sitting in a miniature doughnut floatie, which is actually meant for poolside drinks. Carrie seems to be letting Isaiah enjoy his new toy — here's hoping baked potatoes aren't on the dinner menu any time soon!

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